Delivering a unique experience through audacious pieces of glass furniture imagined by the best designers is the challenge chosen by Glass Variations. Each collaboration gives birth to a collection of exclusive and luxurious pieces.

HELIA Collection

Lines and curves mingle in the HELIA collection, designed by Bina Baitel. The light plays with the undulating patterns of the columns topped with frosted or pastel glass to offer you a table lamp, a sidetable, a sellette or a console.


SUBLIME Collection

Exceptional pieces designed by Bina Baitel and technical prowess, the SUBLIME ottomans combine a curved glass structure on which a creamy white or pink terry cushion seems to levitate.


MONOLOG Collection

Designed by the design duo Exercice, this new collection is called MONOLOG because it is made of only one material, 100% glass, thanks to the miracle of UV bonding, or 100% ecological mirror.


Glass Variations offers exclusive and contemporary design collections of glass-furniture, manufactured in France and created in collaboration with talented designers. Our latest collections, Bina Baitel's SUBLIME Ottomans; HELIA and MONOLOG demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of glass that creates an impression of purity and ethereal lightness.

Glass is a raw material with exceptional capacities that gives an impression of purity and finesse with blurred and evasive limits. "