Glassvariations, it's the freedom to personalise each model within the collection according to your liking LOOK, MIX, CUBE and ICÔNE... can adapt to your space and interior style with a luminous designer touch. This freedom of choice and customisation are at the heart of our concept. It's the Glassvariations trademark.

mix and match

Glassvariations relies on the know-how of Miroiteries Dubrulle to offer you a range of nine different types or colours of glass. This way, you can choose from over fifty references in the FABRIQUE, LOOK, MIX, CUBE and ICÔNE lines.

Extra-clear tempered glass

Absolute transparency: extra-clear glass has much better light transmission than conventional glass. Extra-clear or extra-white glass is glass whose composition is characterised by a very low iron oxide content. Compared to standard plain glass, this characteristic allows for less colouring, especially on the edges. The photo clearly shows the difference: whereas plain glass can take on green reflections, the edge of extra-clear glass remains colourless and enhances reflections and play of light.

Bronze, grey or black tinted tempered glass

Resolutely decorative, glass which has been tinted in the mass makes it possible to add colour while preserving transparency. Grey tinted glass, often referred to as "smoked glass", is chic and deliciously vintage and is noticeably making a comeback in decoration, while black tinted glass remains a must in designer furniture with its beautiful, light-reflecting surface. Once tempered, this tinted glass is perfectly suited for table tops or partitions.

Opal frosted tempered glass

Acid frosted glass which has undergone a specific treatment that gives it a satiny appearance while allowing light to softly pass through. This alluring treatment is applied to the underside of the sheet of glass, thus the surface placed on top remains smooth and shiny.

Black lacquered tempered glass

The black lacquered glass is a clear glass covered with a quality lacquer on the back. Its intense colour does not change in time and beautifuly reflects the light.

Mirrored tempered glass

Mirrored tempered glass Plikington Mirropane™ Chrome glass is a highly reflective glass. We chose it for its mirrored effect because a standard mirror cannot be tempered. It enhances the structure of the MIX tables and ensures a resplendent look for your room!

CHINCHILLA textured tempered glass

This Chinchilla textured glass (copyright AGC) is the most original of the variations we offer. Proposed for the top shelf of the MIX table, it has been manufactured in 8 mm thickness and specially tempered. This mix and match between black lacquered glass or mirrored glass on the bottom and textured glass on the top is exclusive to Glassvariations.

Ecological mirror

Glassvariations is the only design brand to offer the "GREEN" mirror, without lead or volatile organic compounds. Manufactured in a short circuit (production in Belgium and cutting near Lille), our ecological mirrors are certified by the independent organisation Cradle to Cradle for their entire life cycle, from production to 100% recycling and reuse. Suitable for wet rooms as they are corrosion resistant, our high-quality mirrors bring light and depth to all your spaces. They are fitted with a protective film on the back (in the event of a fall, the bits of broken mirror remain stuck rather than spreading out).

Bronze tinted mirror

The warmth of the bronze colour allows this mirror to bring style and softness into your interior.

Antique finish mirror

The antique appearance of this mirror is obtained by a special treatment that interrupts the silvering of the glass at the right moment. Very trendy, it gives a chic, vintage and nostalgic touch to your decoration.

the n° variation

You counted right: Glassvariations offers you more than 10 different varieties of glass or mirror. The n° variation is yours. Consult us if you would like a different colour of tinted glass, lacquered glass, coloured mirror... The Miroiteries Dubrulle workshops are specialists in bespoke glass and personalised choice is the very essence of Glassvariations. Last but not least, if you wish to renew your glass shelf or choose a new variation to change your decoration, we will give you a 10% discount on the current price within 5 years of your first Glassvariations order.