The unique Glass Experience

Glassvariations is a newcomer in glass furniture proposing exclusive and contemporary design collections, manufactured in France and conceived through collaboration with talented designers. The outstanding pieces of our latest collection, MONOLOG, demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of glass that creates an impression of purity and ethereal lightness.



The singularity of Glassvariations is to propose small series with the freedom to customise the pieces through choice within a wide range of glass-variations. We are able to create unique bespoke pieces for domestic or commercial premises and we love working with architects, interior designers and any lover of radiant design "fuelled by light". Have a look on our website section VARIATIONS to discover our wide range of glass.

Recognised expertise in glass

The glass is cut and shaped with all the expertise of the Cevino Glass group, in the Miroiteries Dubrulle manufactures, which have been operating near Lille since 1926. This is reflected in the range of glass on offer, which is always tempered and of substantial thickness to enhance the effects of light on the meticulously finished edges and corners of the glass. We only offer "extra-clear" glass, perfectly colourless and luminous. The cubical glass cloches of our CUBE range are assembled by hand by our craftsmen, using UV bonding.The beautiful transparency achieved attests to perfect mastery of this traditional glassworking technique.

Made in France

We let you know, in all transparency about the origin of the materials used in our ranges and where they are processed or manufactured. In the Ateliers Miroiteries Dubrulle, in Villeneuve d'Ascq (59), at the heart of the Hauts de France region, our glass pieces are created by working, cutting and shaping entirely to measure. A true common thread of our craft, bespoke glass has been our business since 1926. In our workshops, 100% of glass waste is recycled and our machines are designed to be the perfect extension of our workers' hands.